Inside the site I could collect personal data. These data are of a personal nature when they allow me to identify, directly or indirectly, a person. They can be constituted by: information that you transmitted by filling out an online form to register or when subscribing to services, promotions, contests, responding to a questionnaire or reporting a problem on the site; information that you transmitted through correspondence with us; information on contracts that may have stipulated on the Site; collected by cookies (eg Google Analytics collects information about your visits to the Site, such as browsing the Web, the actions carried out, pages viewed, frequency and access dates, etc …); Information collected by cart pages, autoresponders, form of newsletter signups; The information gathered combinations allow me to identify you. Providing this information is optional. You will be duly informed in advance. If you decide to disclose personal information, the mandatory or optional nature of the fields to be filled in will be clearly marked. If you do not want to provide such data will not be able to process the request (for example, purchases and fulfillment). These data will be used for the management of relations with the Customer, and the disclosure of information campaigns and / or commercial proposals (if the box provided for this purpose has been selected).


I can adapt offers and advertising to you intended with regard to information relating to navigation from your device on my site or in sites or services of third parties over which emit cookies. With reference to the personal information you provided to me – in particular your e-mail address – at the time of or access to any of our services, could, subject to the choices that you have expressed, to combine the navigation information from your device, handled by cookies that emit, along with your personal information to send, for example, electronic surveys or to display on your terminal of custom ads that you are specifically targeted, that may interest you personally. At any time I could ask me to stop receiving advertising or announcements for navigation information from your device, including business proposals that will send you via e-mail, by contacting me directly and free of charge, or using the link to unsubscribe. Advertisements that you may continue to receive, unless your denial, could not be related to the information inferred from the navigation of your device.


When you access the Site, we may, subject to your choices, install various cookies in your device that allows me to recognize your browser for the duration of validity of cookies. Cookies that use have the purposes described below, subject to your choices, as are the parameters of your browser during your visit to my site. Cookies allow me to: establish statistics and traffic volumes and usage of the different elements that make up my our website (sections and content views, location), that allow me to increase the value and usability of services, products and content exposed; adapt the presentation of the website to the device’s display preferences (language used, the display resolution, operating system, etc.) in use when you visit the site, according to the hardware and visualization software or the reading terminal; storing the information in the form that you filled on site (enrollment or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have selected the site (subscribed services, contents of a shopping cart, etc.); allow access to restricted areas of the website and personal, such as the account through the identification or data items that you have entrusted to me possibly earlier; implementation of security measures, such as when you are asked to log on again to a content or service after a certain period of time. The THIRD PARTY COOKIES. The issue and the use of cookies by third parties, are subject to the protection of the privacy policies of such third party (eg Google Analytics). I inform you of the object of the cookies of which they are aware and resources you have available to make choices in this regard. The advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) prevalent in my inventory may contain cookies of third parties: both the advertiser’s advertising content in question at source and a third company than the property (consulting agency in communication, audience measurement company, a provider of targeted advertising, etc.), which has an associated cookie to an advertiser’s advertising content. Cookies allow them to third parties, during the period of validity of these cookies, of: count the number of displays of the advertising content disseminated through the advertising space on the Site; identify ads displayed, the number of users who clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the number of visits and establish statistics; recognize the terminal from which you access even to the subsequent navigation on any other site or service where these advertisers or third parties have equal cookies; adapt these sites and services of third parties or advertising sending, to your terminal which can be aware of.


You have several options available to manage cookies. Any choice that you will take is likely to change your Internet surfing and your conditions of access to some services that require the use of Cookies. You can choose at any time to express and change your views on cookies, by the means described below. You can set your browser software so that cookies are stored on your device or on the contrary, they are rejected, either systematically, both depending on who provides them. You can also set your browser software so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies will be brought promptly before a cookie is stored in your device. The acceptance of a cookie in a user’s terminal is basically subject to the will of the terminal itself, which can express and modify at any time and for free through the options offered by your browser. If you accepted in your web browser to save cookies on your terminal, integrated cookies in the pages and the content you’ve viewed will be temporarily stored in a reserved space on your terminal and will be readable only by the issuer. If you do not accept cookies in your device, or remove the ones you are registered, you can not benefit from a series of data that are needed, however, to navigate in some areas of my site. This could happen if you try to access my content or services that require you to identify yourself. This would happen even if I – or my vendors – I could not recognize, for the purpose of technical compatibility, the type of browser used by your device, its default language and display or the country from which the terminal seems connected to the Internet. In this case, they are not responsible for the consequences related to the malfunctioning of services for the inability to apply to register or read cookies of which these services need to work and that you have refused or canceled. To manage your cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the browser’s help menu, which lets you know how to change your choices regarding cookies.

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To learn about the options offered by the navigation software and the ways of cookies stored on your device, depending on (i) the browser (s) installed in your device, I invite you to visit our Guarantor for the protection of personal data. Note that this procedure will not prevent the display of advertisements on your terminal, but only block technologies that allow you to tailor ads to your navigation and your interests. Attention, please note that these choices is stored as a cookie. If you delete all cookies from your device (via the browser), I – or my suppliers – we will not know more than you have chosen this option.

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