The Biovecblok aims at reducing mosquito population by means of natural, non-toxic compounds to humans and to the environment. To achieve this goal, we are currently developing different products:

Zanzara ATLAS

Atlas is a biocide consisting of a symbiotic mosquito genetically modified bacteria, harmless to humans, which expresses a molecule able to negatively modify two characteristics of the mosquito: its ability to sting and to lay the eggs: the mosquitoes infected by Atlas sting less and lay less eggs. The Atlas's innovative and fundamental characteristic consists in the fact that initially the same mosquitoes spread the molecule that weakens them. In fact the bacterium is transmitted both horizontally (during mating) and vertically to offspring. Atlas is an effective solution harmless to humans. Atlas does not directly kill mosquitoes but influences their physiology and, consequently, alters their ability to convey and transmit diseases. Atlas is highly specific against mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles and Aedes, vectors of malaria, dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya, but harmless to other mosquito species. Atlas can be applied by using spray-plane for large-scale deployment, or dissolved in water for domestic use targeting small areas. Thanks to its zero environmental impact disruptive technology, we are convinced that Atlas can replace all products based on Bacillus thuringiensis.

Atlas is in the R&D and patent filing stages. Biovecblok is also developing other Atlas-related technologies to improve product effectiveness.


Larvicides act on the initial stages of mosquito development that is water stages (larvae and pupae), in stagnant waters, preventing them from reaching the adult stage. Larvicides treatment significantly reduces the number of adult mosquitoes near product application areas.

Our larvicides are made of completely natural, non-toxic elements present in different food taken daily, we are confident in having developed an environmental friendly product harmless to humans by which we can fight against disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Our products show several advantages: no environmental impact, no toxicity and an extremely high efficacy (98% of larvae die after treatment in few minutes).


Our repellent is constituted by 100% natural molecules extracted from different plants. Our goal is to develop and market a completely natural product able to compete with synthetic repellents currently marketed and based on toxic compounds, such as DEET or Icaridin. Our natural formulation reaches about 6 hours of protection against the bites of mosquitoes of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus species and more than 9 hours against mosquitoes of the species Anopheles stephensi and An. gambiae. The latter result in particular shows that our product is more effective than synthetic products on the market.

Moreover, considering the ever increasing demand for natural products, we strongly believe that our formulation is extremely competitive and can take up an important part of the market. Concerning both larvicides and repellent, we have completed the R&D phase. The products are currently patet pending in U.S. (we have activated the expedited procedure to shorten wait time and we obtained the TrackOne record).

Our idea is to obtain a larvicide and repellent global protection by WIPO PCT. The first extension will affect: China, Brazil, India and Sub-Saharian African countries.

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